Independence can mean different things to different people, but nothing says liberty and freedom better than good health. Dr. Monroe’s line of CBD products can help be that first step towards freeing your body and your mind from the grips of pain, anxiety and numerous other ailments. 

This year as you are prepping for barbeques and fireworks, don’t forget about your furry friends. They may not appreciate the festivities as much as you and me, but they don’t have to hate it either. If the loud noises and crowds of people are enough to stress you out, why would they not do the same to your pet?

Sure, they may not have to worry about who said what about who or who gave all the lame presents at Christmas, but they feel the stress and anxiety too. Throw in some explosions and fireballs and your pet won’t care about freedom and liberty and instead will be looking to dive under the nearest picnic blanket or table!

If this sounds familiar or if you have a brand-new pandemic puppy who’s celebrating their first Independence Day with you, we have GREAT NEWS! You can avoid having your holiday ruined by a yelping dog or a scattering cat with a little help from the good doctor. Whether it’s Dr. Monroe’s Pet Care treats with no fillers and only the highest quality ingredients or Dr. Monroe’s Pet Tincture, we have just what the doctor ordered!

Don’t let a frightened and anxious pup take the umph out of your grand finally.  You can take the ounce of preparation now and avoid the pound of pain that is sure to follow. Whether it’s a little prep beforehand or triaging after the fact, with Dr. Monroe’s line of CBD products you’ll be ready for anything. 

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