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What Is K Channel?

The origins of K Channel begin probably a thousand or more years ago in North America with a North Central Tribe of Native Americans. They only had the plants around them to treat the slings and arrows of everyday life and had little access to any medical relief but what they could find or develop through trial and error. A wound would normally heal on its own, but in some cases would linger and fester and potentially cripple or end a life.

Their Medical Experts would use the plants, mosses, lichens, etc, whatever was at hand, to treat those cases that didn’t heal themselves. Over time they found, perfected, and passed down what worked and discarded what didn’t. And over generations they found more and more complicated solutions, testing this one and that, till they had an encyclopedic knowledge of which solutions worked the best, handed down one generation to the next.

K Channel came from one of these, where they used not leaves or berries or roots, but bark. And not just any bark, but bark of a specific tree. Found only in North America. And not just the bark itself, or powdered bark poultice, or a bark extract, but an extract of the bark’s ashes. Which is why we believe it took a long, long time to develop.

And it proved very effective at healing wounds that would not heal, and actually skin cancers as well. Which is how it was eventually passed down to European settlers when they moved into the Ohio Valley. From there it traveled on the Oregon Trail to the Pacific Ocean. Where it continued to grow in New World Folklore, bouncing North Central to West to Southeast to Northeast.

No one knew how it worked, they only knew it did work. Exceptionally well. But the knowledge was slowly being lost and forgotten in the march of western medicine. Until a missionary Doctor in the 1950’s found his western medicine completely failed to heal the wounds his patients presented in his Caribbean jungle clinics. Nothing worked and he despaired of his western scientific knowledge until he remembered an old folktale from his childhood about a bark extract that was exceptional at healing all manner of wounds.

Traveling back to his childhood home, he asked the old folk around town and finally was referred to an old healer in the mountain backwoods who remembered the extract formulation and gave him the recipe. It worked. Exceptionally well.

He still didn’t know how or why it worked, only that it did. And it worked so well and on so many different conditions he formed his own pharmaceutical company and chased so many different wounds, rashes, and conditions that he knew had no effective treatment, he went bankrupt running the clinical trials chasing them all.

Then a new company inherited the technology. They still didn’t know how it worked, but they focused solely on wounds that did not heal, aka chronic wounds, like bed sores, diabetic ulcers, and other chronic wounds conditions. And they still made it by peeling bark from that specific species of tree found only in America. And this is where Dr. Monroe joins the long history of this medical journey.

He was brought in by this last company to find a more efficient way to obtain the extract, whether by more common plants or by finding a way to more simply manufacture it, and to secure medical approval in the more plant extract friendly European CE medical regulatory system. Both of which he did.

He also identified the active ingredients in the extract, reformulated them into a purer, safer, more effective formulation which he was able to then get approved by the FDA again for treating all manner of wounds and he was able to determine exactly how it worked.

And this knowledge he brought to the development of a newer, simpler, safer, more effective technology called ‘K Channel ‘ that is now found in all of his topical products.

So, how does it work ?

Turns out, it’s all related to inflammation and one of the consequences of inflammation. Inflammation is one of the first steps in our body’s repair system and it is a key part of how our body protects and repairs itself. Stimulated by chemical messengers, inflammation recruits specialized cells that attack bacteria, heats up tissue, and releases oxidizing chemicals that kill and degrade bacteria. And then inflammation stimulates other chemical messengers that recruit the production and release of specialized enzymes that dissolve damaged tissue for removal before it is regrown and replaced.

These specialized enzymes, by dissolving the tissue, chewing it into pieces, also stimulates more inflammation and therein lies the problem. Called MMPs for short, Matrix Metalloproteinases for long, these enzymes normally rise to very high levels, do their job, and then decline to very low background levels, ready for the next attack. If they remain high for whatever reason, then they continue to dissolve tissue. Not just damaged tissue, but any tissue, the good along with the bad. And this is a problem.

This is what chews up joints in arthritis, breaks down tissue and opens wounds in bed sores, strips nerves of its covering in neuropathy, MS, ALS, etc., and damages tissue in any and all diseases. This is a characteristic of these enzymes which are generated in all pathological conditions involving inflammation, whether caused by trauma, disease, or chronic inflammation.

I.e. All pathological conditions since they all involve inflammation.

There are 28 different types of MMPs, each having a few specialized types of preferred tissue they dissolve. So it’s not a matter of stopping just 1,2, or 3 MMPs. To prevent the damage, one must stop them all. But one can’t just stop them permanently. They are necessary for the body to repair itself. So, it necessary to stop the excess, not the necessary.

CBD can’t do this, and despite decades of research and failed clinical trials, no other drug in the past has been found to do this except one – doxycycline. (But that is expensive, has significant side effects, and is not recommended for long-term use.)

And now, K Channel. With no side effects.

This is what makes Dr. Monroe’s so unique and makes Dr. Monroe’s so special.

And with CBD, Dr. Monroe’s products gives you both a way to reduce inflammation (by two separate pathways since K Channel is also anti-inflammatory), and also prevent the damaging results of inflammation due to MMPs.

Without blocking the normal MMP repair process.

No one else can do that.

How can Dr. Monroe’s do that ?

Because the ingredients in K Channel itself are so safe (GRAS – Generally Recognized As Safe), are so hypoallergenic, they can be included in any cosmeceutical product as long as we make no medical claims.

Eventually, like the prior medical missionary, we will seek regulatory approval for specific medical conditions for which we will make specific medical claims as approved, but given the unique nature of K Channel, we offer its benefits now and trust its performance to proclaim all the proof we need.