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June 24, 2022.
FDA restrained. Judge tells FDA to stuff it, Mad dash to stock up on cartridges. Black market to open soon.

This will continue for some time. And not just with Juul. The FDA is charged with protecting the health of the nation.

Vaping as currently structured, DOES present a health risk from carcinogenic chemicals leaching into the vapor to heavy metals being vaporized. The question is, is it dangerous enough to justify its ban?

And unfortunately, we won’t truly know that for a generation. My guess is yes.

Not the vape itself, but the aluminum, the arsenic, the chromium, lead, nickel, titanium etc in the vapor. So, if you’re willing to roll the dice, just recognize that you are betting your lungs and signing up for a slow, agonizing way to go. Put in your order for a portable oxygen generator today.

At least, that’s my guess.

Stay tuned – you ain’t seen nothin yet.

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