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Ok, let’s say there are two products with equal amounts of CBD, the same price, same size, both non-detectable (‘nd’) THC. How do you choose which is better?

Well, given that they are equal on the question of cannabinoids, is there some other aspect that the provides some additional value?

Some products brag about having hemp oil, but we know that is bogus. (Chapter 5)

Some brag about having menthol, which is another pain fighting ingredient, an FDA approved ingredient  that is safe,effective and cooling. And anyone can add it to their product if they wish, and people can buy it if they don’t mind the smell. (some do, some don’t.) There are also other FDA approved Over-the-Counter (OTC) pain fighting ingredients as well. Used less often.

Some products also have emu oil or turmeric; some have Omega 3 oils or MSM; some, Arnica or other less famous botanicals. Some products add magic. Most of these ingredients, except magic, actually do have some anti-inflammatory effects. So does green tea, tannins, ellagitannins, gallotannins, polyphenols, flavonoids, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, vanilla and many other plant secondary products. But usually only small effects.

Their effects are vastly outweighed by the CBD itself. Just ask yourself if there was no CBD in that jar, would you still buy it? And if you happen to like a particular ingredient, then just go ahead and get it.

Personally, given the choice, I’d opt for something different, something more effective, something that significantly adds to the product’s performance. Something like ‘K’ Channel. But then, I am biased.

I’ve worked on ‘K’ channel and its earlier iterations for over 20 years. I know what it can do and I’ve seen what it can do. And I know what its potential is. As do the people who have benefited by using it. But first, a full disclosure and caveat. The FDA prohibits any and all drug claims for any product unless approved by them. No structure, function, diagnosis, treatment, or curative claims.

So, I can’t make any claims about what this latest version can do. And I won’t make any FDA-prohibited claims about what this current version can do. Because I still want to eventually get this current version and various cannabinoid products approved by the FDA for various diseases and conditions. Eventually. Through the appropriate approval process, for specific medical issues, with specific approved claims. And that requires their approval.

But I can say the previous company where I worked, for whom I was head of research, sought FDA approval for an Earlier Version because we wanted to make claims for that Earlier Version, but we had to jump through various hoops first. It also was a plant extract and the FDA required we identify the active ingredients first. Europe did not, they would approve botanicals as long as they worked and we could control their characteristics. We could. So, the botanical version was approved in Europe, and we were allowed to further claim that it was the only wound care product that could regulate MMPs, much to the envy and chagrin of other pharmaceutical companies. ( One major, house-hold name Pharma even complained to the CE asking that the MMP-claim allowance be rescinded, but they were told to take a hike. They then complained to us, asking that we stop pointing out that their (at-that-time) State of
the Art product was only half as effective and ten times the cost. That’s when WE told them to take a hike.)

Dr Monroes CBD products

Then we identified the actives, proved it in pre-clinical research, and formulated a non-botanical version for the FDA, which was then approved for wound-care. But we could not claim anything about MMPs.. But I can say, IMO, those approved products have prevented many thousands of chronic wound related amputations. Even some amputations actually already scheduled.

And I can also quote the examiner from that FDA approval when he said, “this is so safe you could take a bath in it.” (Which is why we can use this newer, simplified, safer version as a simple but effective topical ingredient. As long as we make no claims.)

And I can say what MMPs are. Basically, a mouthful to say, MMP stands for Matrix MetalloProteinase. Which is a group of about 23-28 related enzymes ( in people. Animals have a few more. And new ones are periodically discovered and old ones periodically removed as they are found to be the same as previous ones – it’s a long story) that act as our bodies demolition crew to break down and help remove damaged tissue, help new blood vessels sprout and grow, help tissues heal, and helps new skin to cover healing wounds.

They are basically involved every time tissue is damaged and/or repaired. From traumatic injury to scars to joint erosion to nerve degradation to cancer and tumor growth to retinopathy to glaucoma to aging-related wrinkles. Yes, wrinkles. All linked to MMPs.

Ok, so now you know. What’s the big deal?

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