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Welcome to Dr. Monroe’s CBD first blog, brought to you by yours truly, Dr. Monroe (yes, I am real, not just a name or actor.) To some extent this will parallel my videos since much of the information is the same, but this will be shorter, simpler, more concentrated, and straight forward. But it will quickly expand out into other directions to address timely topics and research.

This Blog will try to make the science understandable to everyone, from those who are just learning about CBD to those who are knowledgeable to those who are actual experts. First of all, who am I and why should anyone listen to me. Well, I have a PhD in biochemistry, but no MD, so I will never give medical advice and will just stick to the science. Second, I’ve spent the last 30+ years as researcher and 20+ as head of medical research and development in several start-ups, some of which have resulted in FDA and European CE approved products and some not. I’ve collaborated with many leading medical researchers and medical schools in the area of tissue repair and regeneration both here in the US and in Europe. Which is what initially led me into medical research with cannabinoids.

Our initial goal was to find a way to rapidly stop traumatic battlefield bleeding by taking advantage of the fact that while low levels of THC cause blood vessels to expand or dilate, high levels cause blood vessels to clamp shut tight. It worked. Even with major bleeding, we could stop it within seconds. Then we found that it also significantly lowered the massive, potentially fatal inflammation associated with catastrophic bleeding, i.e. hemorrhagic shock. (Fig 1.)

Fig 1. Showing effects of hemorrhagic shock caused by excessive bleeding.
A) shows normal lung tissue. No inflammation
B) shows highly inflamed, clogged lung tissue that will quickly lead to death if left untreated for more than an hour.
C) shows dramatic reduction in inflammation after cannabinoid treatment. (we estimated we expanded the golden
hour to a full eight hours.)

And that is what opened my eyes to the potential of cannabinoids. It proved to be an exceptional anti-inflammatory even under the most extreme conditions, operating by a previously unknown mechanism of action. And more research only showed even more promise. Since I was already doing research on a novel method of controlling tissue and joint destroying enzymes that are upregulated by inflammation, combining the two looked like a potential winning combination.

We found cannabinoids have the potential to treat hemorrhagic shock, sepsis, and even some types of cancer. (more on this in a later blog.) Which is why my objective has been, and continues to be, to use these products to help me continue research into Cannabinoids’ vast medical potential.

So, that is the who, what, how, and why of what we do and why we think it makes us at Dr. Monroe’s different. And that is also why we try to provide the best, most effective products at the best prices we possibly can. (We’ll show you later how you to make apples to apples comparisons of products.)

Next time we’ll cover why cannabinoids work and our body’s natural endocannabinoid system.

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