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“Why I use CBD”

“I work in the Construction industry.”

“When I was in my 20’s and 30’s I was a typical gung-ho hard charger. I used digging bar’s, shovel’s, 32oz framing hammers and my back and knee’s without regard to what I was doing to my body. In later years I began to experience frequent pain in abused muscles and joints. I migrated from physical work to the executive suit. The older I got the more I found the need to deal with pain and discomfort. I found pills were not the answer. Most pharmaceutical solutions left me with issues that fogged my brain and reduced my performance. I noticed one of our foreman on the electrical crew using a small jar of cream, rubbing the contents on his hands and wrists. When I asked what it was he explained that his parents had developed arthritis and now it was his turn. As an electrician he had begun to find it difficult to use a screw driver, perhaps the most important tool in his bag. I asked if I could try some on my hands, I also have arthritis, and I was amazed. Turns out he (Ken) was using a CBD pain cream he picked up in Provo from Alterna Therapies. I asked Ken if he would pick up a jar for me the next time he bought some. I am now a regular customer, a two ounce jar is shipped to my home in Park City each month. I highly recommend this product ….. “Dr. Monroe’s Pro-8000” pain cream. It works.”

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