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Dr. Monroe’s Blog Chapter 8: MMPs, The Big Deal!

MMPs, aka Matrix Metalloproteinases, are critical mediators of tissue degradation and repair in virtually all human pathologies . . . and they also help “regulate cell behavior through finely tuned and tightly controlled proteolytic processing of a largevariety of signaling molecules that can also have beneficial effects in disease resolution,” But when they are out […]

CBD Lab Results – Certificate Of Analysis

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What is CBD

CBD BASICS CBD is one of some 133 plant-based chemicals as a group called cannabinoids. They act on a select collection of cell receptors widely spread throughout our bodies called the endocannabinoid system, ‘endo’ meaning internal, ‘cannabinoid’ named after the chemicals that led to the system’s discovery in the 1960’s. The system is a complex […]

CBD and The FDA

CBD AND THE FDA The FDA is an organization that has been set up over time to ensure the safety of our citizens from the abuse of contaminated, dangerous, toxic, or unsafe medical products. It was originally set up in 1906 under the Pure Food and Drugs act, it has over time increased its control […]